Home Loan and Personal Budget Calculator


I recently created a budget calculator (click here to access it) to determine what it would actually cost me to take out a home loan in the context of my daily life, including money I spend on food, commuting, healthcare, etc. My goal was to figure out what I could afford in real life, as opposed to a generic loan calculator online that only accounts for the loan. The model includes:

  1. Basic home loan calculator.
  2. Tax, Insurance, and HOA considerations.
  3. Resale model based on growth rate, years until sale, and closing fees.
  4. Actual income breakdown accounting for interest write off on taxes.

Below is a partial snapshot of the budgeting tool I developed on Google Sheets. If you’d like access to the full spreadsheet so you can adapt it your own budget, click here and follow the instructions to make your own copy.

I hope you find it helpful, and please leave comments if there’s anything missing or if you have ideas on how to improve it. Thanks!

















Click here to access the calculator


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