80/20 Sales & Marketing by Perry Marshall – 5pg Summary


Berlin – London – San Francisco

I recently had a 14 hour trip home for the holidays (TXL – LHR – SFO) and I wanted a good sales book for the flight. I went to my local bookstore in Berlin to grab an English sales book and Perry Marshall’s book was the only one I could find. Fortunately, it was a great purchase!

  • It’s very easy to read, the chapters are short and to the point (about 200 pages total)
  • There are clear, actionable steps to take for each chapter that you can apply immediately
  • The book offers additional resources on top of the actual content (accessible online after purchase)
  • The proof is in the pudding; Marshall doesn’t just sell the book, he follows his own recipe for success

Read the hell out of your books, then pass it on

How do you read your books? Do you take care of them, keep the binding perfect, and carefully place it on your shelf at home for display after you’re finished?

I don’t. I read the hell out of my books.

I annotate them, take notes all over the blank areas. Brainstorm random thoughts that come to mind while I’m reading. It’s a mess. And when I’m done with the book, I tell everyone I know about it (as long as it’s a great book) and once I come across someone who shows a sincere interest, I’ll pass the book along. Sometimes it makes its way back to me (only be to be passed on again), and sometimes it doesn’t, which is fine too. It just seems like a waste to store it at my place when I’m probably not going to read it again.

Summarize in Google Docs and share

With that said, I don’t let all those notes go to waste. Either they will be immediately actionable notes, or I put them in a Google Doc to refer back to. And I’d like to share them with you below. Please do provide constructive comments in the comments section below or in the Google doc itself.

If you want the full book, click here to order it from Amazon.

I also found out that Marshall wrote the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords¬†, which I summarized in another post here. He also wrote¬†Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, which is on my bookshelf cue to read next. I’ll provide those summaries once I’m done with the books.

Thanks for reading.