Don’t be a sleaze-ball, be a problem solver


Large group of people waiting in line

Solving problems feels good

I always had a knack for understanding people’s problems and offering effective solutions. Later on in life, I realized this was sales. However, I always associated a negative connotation with the word “sales”; as if it meant that somebody was trying to sleaze their way into your wallet. But I’ve since learned that that’s not the case at all.

50% of a happy customer is a good sale

A sale is simply 1/2 of any transaction that takes place everyday; whether it’s a birthday card, an airplane ticket, or a home. The other half of that transaction is the purchase, which fulfills a customer’s need. So sales is really the sought after solution to a customer’s problem or need. It’s a helpful process. There are probably many examples of bad sales people and processes that give sales its often negative association, but I’d like to focus on the positive and effective processes of sales and marketing that create value.

After all, if you have an awesome product or service, you also need a way to share it with the people who will love it. Contact me with your best sales methods.